Quarries of Last Chance Gulch

The "More from the Quarries of Last Chance Gulch" column marks the beginning of the sixth year for the local Helena history endeavor.

The first column was published in the Independent Record on March 24, 1994. Since that time a wonderful array of local Helena historians has produced weekly columns for our reading pleasure. The historians who have particpated in this endeavor are a talented lot, and the collection contained on these pages are but a few of the many interesting stories they have researched and written about.

The group's work has also been published in three books which are available from most bookstores as well as from the Office of the Independent Record. These books are: More from the Quarries of Last Chance Gulch, Volume I, Volume II and Volume III.

Liberty Photo

Can you identify these people? As you read the following stories, you'll discover who they are, and what parts they played in the history of the "Queen City of the Rockies".

Little Mamie Cruse


Introduction Bridges of Lewis & Clark County Brother Van Part I
Brother Van Part II Cast In Stone Catholic Hill
Civic Center Bell Crittenton Home Cruse Tragedy
Dearborn Bridge Helena's First Firebell Hauser Dam
Immaculata Hall Ming Opera House Ms. Liberty
Music in the Pines The Park Ditch The Pioneer Cabin
Railroad Days Soiled Doves West Main Stories
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