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ConfItem Catalyst Skills and Behavior Data Tracking software Doty, Doug <ddoty@mt.gov> 24K2013/8/19 2:35 PMThe OPI Division of Special Education is doing a pilot project of the Catalyst Skills and Behavior Data Tracking software. This is iPad-based software that does some really cool data collection, tracking, graphing, etc. for both skill acquisition and beha 
ConfItem 2013 OPI Legislative Summary Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 40K2013/6/28 12:08 PM  Having trouble reading this email? [ http://lists.opi.mt.gov/newsletters/display.php?M=4169&C=35b458acc341b3134e4a9c2ed0bb7f50&S=814&L=5&N=766 ] View it in your browser. [Image] The 2013 OPI Legislative Summary has been  
ConfItem Catalyst Skills and Behavior Data Tracking Subscription Request Doty, Doug <ddoty@mt.gov> 6.1K2013/5/31 10:42 AMGreetings Directors, The OPI Division of Special Education is conducting a Pilot Program in the 2013-2014 school year of the Catalyst Skills and Behavior Data Tracking software. Although this pilot project is administered by the OPI Montana Autism Educa 
ConfItem OPI Pilot Project of an iPad-based Skills and Behavior Data Tracking Software Doty, Doug <ddoty@mt.gov> 5.1K2013/5/27 8:35 AMHi, In the 2013-2014 school year the OPI Division of Special Education will be doing a software pilot project to increase staff awareness of data tracking. This software provides data tracking through the use of iPads. Special education directors will  
ConfItem 2013 Summer Mentor Institute Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 30K2013/4/26 1:33 PMApril 2013 The following “Save the Date” link provides information regarding the 2013 Summer Mentor Institute, scheduled for August 5-9, 2013, in Bozeman: [ http://www.opi.mt.gov/pdf/SpecED/Link/13MentorDateSaver.pdf ]http://www.opi.mt.gov/pdf/SpecED/ 
ConfItem Equitable Services Implementation Plan Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 7.1K2013/4/23 3:50 PMDear Directors, The Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) has announced a schedule of conference calls to be held to discuss the ESEA and IDEA Equitable Services Implementation Plan (ESIP) that the Department announced on March 14, 2013.  They hav 
ConfItem Module Subtitles--Third Try Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 11K2013/4/16 1:55 PMDear Directors:   Seems I am having trouble sending  you  the information that Jan Duiker requested.  The forms do not want to adjust to the format I need to use.  The following link provides the information.   [ http://www.opi.mt.gov/pdf/SpecED/Lin 
ConfItem Subtitles--REVISED Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 129K2013/4/16 12:05 PM    The Special Education Module's Create New Document Wizard contains misleading subtitles (see below). For instance, the Referral is not found when you check the "Create New Evaluation" box, but rather in the drop-down under "Create New Simple Form."  
ConfItem All Teacher Training 2013 Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 7.1K2013/4/9 11:14 AMAll Teacher Training and Transition Guidelines The Division of Special Education has scheduled an All Teacher Training in the cities and on the dates below. Specific locations and registration information will follow in August. The training will review 
ConfItem Special Education Updated Forms Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 7.1K2013/3/27 9:58 AMGreetings. We have been busy the last few days working to put the final touches on several new pieces of documentation for you to use. We have updated some of our forms to better serve your needs. The updated forms are available at http://www.opi.mt.go 
ConfItem Webinar - Direct Instruction learners with disabilities Doty, Doug <ddoty@mt.gov> 12K2013/3/12 4:00 PM The webinar will be on March 26th at 12:00 EST or March 28th at 6:00 EST (your choice) and will last for two hours. The Montana Autism Education Project has bought a number of subscriptions to the webinar. If you would like to host one of these webinars  
ConfItem SPRING Braille Transcribing Opportunity Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 6.1K2013/3/5 4:49 PM SAVE the DATE! What: Spring Braille: Untangling the Dots Where: MSDB Campus/Computer Lab When: March 21-23, 2013 Are you wanting to finish a braille lesson or two? Please contact your Outreach consultant for more information. Outreach staff wil 
ConfItem JUMP Newsletter February 2013 Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 5.1K2013/2/26 1:39 PMThe February 2013 JUMP Newsletter is available online: http://www.opi.mt.gov/pdf/Assessment/NewsLetters/13FebJUMP.pdf Please read for important dates and information. Ashley Makowski│ Administrative Assistant │ MONTANA OFFICE OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTIO 
ConfItem Texas Tech Project SASI Information Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 6.1K2013/2/22 12:00 PMThis is a great training opportunity for interested teachers. This grant was funded to support two cohorts of Montana teachers (as well as teachers from 5 other states) wanting to study and earn a degree in the following areas: as a teacher of the visuall 
ConfItem Preschool Setting of Service Decision Tree Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 6.1K2013/2/20 11:32 AMGreetings! We are pleased to announce the posting of a decision tree to help decipher the appropriate setting of service for students aged 3-5. This decision tree is located at the link below. Please pass this on to your preschool and kindergarten specia 
ConfItem Limited Funding for Students with Significant Needs 2013 Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 5.1K2013/2/19 1:59 PMFebruary 19, 2013 Limited Funding for Students With Significant Needs The Office of Public Instruction is making available limited funding for the costs of students with significant needs served by the public schools. The approval of the funding on each 
ConfItem Final Regulations--Parental Consent for Accessing Medicaid Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 7.1K2013/2/14 8:47 AMDirectors, Today the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) posted the final regulations regarding parental consent for accessing Medicaid. There have been significant changes. The regulations are available at: http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2013 
ConfItem 33rd Annual MASP Summer Institute Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 6.1K2013/2/13 1:11 PMSAVE THE DATE The 33rd Annual MASP Summer Institute is scheduled for June 3-4, 2013, in Billings. What Are We to Do? Helping Students Who Face Mental Health Challenges Presenter: John R. Holttum, M.D., Board Certified in Adolescent Psychiatry & Pediat 
ConfItem Guidance on Students With Disabilities and Extracurricular Athletics Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 8.1K2013/1/25 9:16 AMU.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION ISSUES SCHOOLS CLARIFYING GUIDANCE TO ENSURE THAT STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES ENJOY EQUAL OPPORTUNITY TO PARTICIPATE IN EXTRACURRICULAR ATHLETICS Today, the Department's Office for Civil Rights issued guidance detailing school 
ConfItem MASP Supervision Institute 2013 Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 6.1K2013/1/24 4:27 PMPLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGISTS MONTANA ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGISTS SUPERVISION INSTITUTE 2013 In relation to state licensing requirements, the Montana Association of School Psychologists in collaboration with the Office of Public In 
ConfItem Asperger's Author Rudy Simone Returns to Montana in May 2013 Doty, Doug <ddoty@mt.gov> 5.1K2013/1/16 8:54 AM The Montana Autism Education Project of the Office of Public Instruction is proud to present Rudy Simone in three FREE presentations the first week in May, 2013 Ms. Simone is the author of four books on Asperger syndrome, all best-sellers: 1. Aspergirls 
ConfItem Exit Date/Reason Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 13K2013/1/9 10:29 AMDear Directors,   I would like to remind you of the importance of including an Exit Date and Exit Reason in AIM for students who exit special education for any reason. These reasons include: Returned to regular education Moved, known to be continuing Dr 
ConfItem List of districts who have received Autism Training Solutions accounts this winte Doty, Doug <ddoty@mt.gov> 6.1K2013/1/2 4:37 PMHowdy, Below is a listing of districts/coops who have staff enrolled in the winter session of the Autism Training Solutions online training. If you are interested in encouraging and praising your staff for their extra effort and interest, let me know an 
ConfItem 2013 MBI Summer Institute Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 6.1K2012/12/20 1:35 PMDear Montana Educators Please mark your calendars-now-for the 2013 MBI Summer Institute, June 17-21, 2013, on the campus of MSU in Bozeman. The OPI comes together in one institute braiding academics and behavior. Please click on the link below to view  
ConfItem 2013 OPI Assessment and Data Conference Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 20K2012/12/19 2:13 PMThe 2013 OPI Assessment and Data Conference is coming up, January 9-11 in Billings.   We now have the conference program available online: [ http://www.opi.mt.gov/pdf/Assessment/conf/13ConferenceProgram.pdf ]http://www.opi.mt.gov/pdf/Assessment/conf/13C 
ConfItem Smarter Network of Educators Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 5.1K2012/12/7 1:08 PMThe November 2012 JUMP announced that the Smarter Balanced Formative Assessment Practices and Professional Learning Work Group will convene groups of educators from each state to work on a two year formative assessment project. Information on the work 
ConfItem AIM Changes Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 47K2012/12/7 10:15 AMGreetings- We want to make you aware of changes made to the AIM Special Education Module as part of the recent Infinite Campus AIM update. Attached is a document describing those changes. For additional information or questions, please contact: Jan Dui 
ConfItem Free Subscriptions for online Autism Training Doty, Doug <ddoty@mt.gov> 6.1K2012/12/4 10:51 AMThe Montana Autism Education Project (MAEP) will be offering another round of subscriptions to the Autism Training Solutions online training in autism spectrum disorders, behavioral interventions and training methods. We will be offering 13 or 30 hour s 
ConfItem Change in Position Code List for Terms of Employment (TOE) Reporting for Coops Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 6.1K2012/12/4 10:04 AMTO: Special Education Cooperative Business Managers/Clerks Special Ed Coop Directors FROM: Joan Anderson, School Staffing Project RE: Change in Position Code List for Terms of Employment (TOE) Reporting for Coops OPI recently corrected and re-pos 
ConfItem Preliminary Maintenance of Effort (MOE) Information Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 14K2012/12/3 2:59 PMTo: Authorized Representatives, Superintendents, County Superintendents, and Special Education Directors Maintenance of Fiscal Effort Reports for State FY 2012 IDEA Part B Applications are now posted on the OPI Web site. Districts and Cooperatives w 
ConfItem Child Count Deadline Information Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 5.1K2012/11/14 11:43 AMGreetings! Many districts have submitted Child Count information for their schools by clicking "Submit School," but have neglected to click "Submit District" after all schools have been submitted. The Child Count submission process is not complete until 
ConfItem Child Count Deadline: November 16, 2012 Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 6.1K2012/11/9 1:33 PMGreetings!  This is another reminder concerning the Child Count Collection. Late in August we opened the Child Count application to allow you to complete the required Child Count Collection.  This reporting must be completed no later than November 16, 
ConfItem ELP: Alternate ACCESS for ELLs assessment webianr and information on participatio Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 38K2012/11/5 5:23 PMTo:  System Test Coordinators, Administrators, and Special Education Directors:   The ALTERNATE ACCESS FOR ELLs assessment is now available for Montana's students with significant cognitive disabilities who are also limited English proficient (LEP).  T 
ConfItem Child Count Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 6.1K2012/11/5 3:01 PMGreetings- There are a number of districts that have not submitted Child Count information.  Information must be submitted by November 16th.  Below is the link to the OPI Child Count electronic application. Thank you for your assistance in completing t 
ConfItem MT Youth Transition Conference 2012 Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 7.1K2012/10/23 9:12 AMGreetings!! The Montana Youth Transitions Conference is just around the corner. This conference is an opportunity for students, parents, teachers, vocational rehabilitation counselors, case managers and others to network, explore resources and discover p 
ConfItem FERPA Presentation for Elementary/Secondary School Officials Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 8.1K2012/10/22 12:04 PMOn Wednesday, October 24, at 2:00 p.m. (EST), Dale King, Director, Family Compliance Policy Office, will present a basic overview of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) via webinar. This one-hour presentation is geared toward school off 
ConfItem Updated October 2012 JUMP Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 5.1K2012/10/9 4:35 PMWe've added some important dates and information to the earlier October 2012 JUMP. Please replace it with this one and pass the information on to your superintendent, principals, counselors, special education directors, and teachers. The link is http:/ 
ConfItem MBI Fall Newsletter 2012-2013--CORRECTED Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 5.1K2012/10/2 10:09 AMI am resending this because the link had an error. Thank you, Marlene The Fall 2012-2013 MBI Newsletter is available at the following link: http://www.opi.mt.gov/pdf/MBI/12_13MBI_Newsletter_Fall.pdf Susan Bailey-Anderson State Personnel Develop 
ConfItem New Contact Information for Doug Doty Doty, Doug <ddoty@mt.gov> 5.1K2012/10/2 8:18 AMHi, As of this Thursday, October 4th my new contact information will be: Phone # 406-459-5303 My mailing address will be: Doug Doty, Statewide Coordinator Montana Autism Education Project University of Montana 52 Corbin Hall Missoula, MT 59812 Do 
ConfItem Autism Consultation and Training Available Doty, Doug <ddoty@mt.gov> 5.1K2012/10/2 7:06 AMGreetings, The Montana Autism Education Project has our autism consultants back and ready for another school year. We can provide individual consultation for students with autism spectrum disorders on behavior, communication, life skills, etc. We can a 
ConfItem 2012-2013 EIPA Video Conference Workshops Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 10K2012/9/28 11:56 AMTo: Special Education Directors, Interpreters Working in K-12 Classroom Settings, Community Interpreters With an Interest in Educational Interpreting or Supporting Educational Interpreters, Future Interpreters, K-12 Interpreter Mentors, Deaf Educators an 
ConfItem 2012-2013 EIPA Video Conference Workshops Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 10K2012/9/20 12:33 PMSeptember 20, 2012 To: Special Education Directors, Interpreters Working in K-12 Classroom Settings, Community Interpreters With an Interest in Educational Interpreting or Supporting Educational Interpreters, Future Interpreters, K-12 Interpreter M 
ConfItem MBI Youth Days 2012 Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 10K2012/9/18 11:05 AMTO: MBI School Teams FROM: Susan Bailey-Anderson MBI Coordinator RE: MBI Youth Days DATE: September 2012 "We are driven by five genetic needs: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom, and fun."  
ConfItem Montana Youth in Transition Conference Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 6.1K2012/9/13 2:40 PMThe Montana Youth in Transition Conference is being held November 14-16, 2012, in Helena. The OPI is sponsoring Ed O'Leary as a featured presenter. Mr. O'Leary is a national expert on Secondary Transition. We are fortunate to have him presenting at thi 
ConfItem UNC-Do It Center Fall 2012 Newsletter Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 17K2012/9/12 12:52 PMAmerican Sign Language - English Interpretation BA program NOW BEING OFFERED ONLINE  or ONSITE at the UNC Dever Center-Lowry     The UNC-Do It Center Fall 2012 Newsletter is available at the following link:           [ http://www.opi.mt.gov/ 
ConfItem Post-School Survey Deadline Information Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 29K2012/9/7 11:56 AMGreetings!   There are a number of districts that have not begun collection of the Post-School Outcome Data Survey.  This requirement directly affects the district's submission of valid and reliable data and is a factor in the district Level of Determin 
ConfItem Braille Workshop (new registration form) Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 6.1K2012/9/7 9:12 AMProfessional Development Untangling the Dots 2012 When: October 18-19, 2012 Where: MSDB Campus, Great Falls, MT The Montana School for the Deaf and the Blind and the Outreach Staff in the Department for the Visually Impaired are hosting the annual work 
ConfItem Child Count Now Open Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 8.1K2012/8/31 8:49 AMThis year Special Education Child Count day is October 1, 2012. Students with an identified, eligible disability, an active IEP, proper documentation in AIM and who are receiving services will be counted. To assist you with ensuring every student who meet 
ConfItem Post-School Survey Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 6.1K2012/8/29 7:22 AMWith the switch from Citrix to the OPI Common Login, no Post-School Survey Users were carried over from last year. As a result every district is required to complete a Post-School Login Request form in order to assign a User who can access the 2012 Post-S 
ConfItem Child Count Application User Names Wallis, Marlene <mwallis@mt.gov> 17K2012/8/28 2:59 PMDear Directors, With the following exceptions, the individual at your district who entered information into the Child Count/Exiting Application for the 2011-2012 school year will also be the Authorized User for the 2012-2013 Child Count/Exiting Applicatio 

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